SEAL 114

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  • Fits 8-10mm glass
  • Seals gaps of up to 16mm
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Lengths of 800mm, 900mm, 1400mm or 2000mm available
  • Cut to exact length service available.
  • FREE Delivery in mainland UK*


SEAL114 is a straight fin shaped seal that is most commonly found on the bottom horizontal section of a bath shower screen or shower door but can also be used vertically on the upright of the glass.

This seal can be pushed into place over any glass that measures between 8mm and 10mm and will not need any type of adhesive to hold it in place.

This shower seal has a 16mm tall soft fin on the bottom of the U section which once pressed against a flat surface (e.g. your shower tray or bath edge) will compress and create a watertight seal. This seal also has an additional side deflector designed to sit facing the inside of the shower tray/bath, this will flick any water that runs down the glass away from the main seal and back into the shower tray/bath

If you require the same seal with a different height fin then we also sell one with a 6mm tall fin (SEAL118) or 10mm tall fin (SEAL116).

If you require the same seal but for thinner glass (4-6mm), then please see our SEAL106.

This seal is best used for straight glass, if you require this seal for curved glass then please contact us via email

SEAL114 is available in 4 different lengths, choose from either 800mm (80cm), 900mm (90cm), 1400mm (140cm) and 2000mm (200cm). This seal can easily be cut down to your required length using a junior hacksaw, or if you prefer we can cut the seal down to the length that you require.

Need any further help fitting or finding the correct seal? Visit our help page which has plenty of helpful videos to help you find the correct seal and fit it with ease.

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