UniverSEAL - 3-12mm+ Glass - Gaps up to 27mm

UniverSEAL - 3-12mm+ Glass - Gaps up to 27mm

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  • Fits 3-12mm+ Glass
  • Gaps up to 27mm
  • Best for flat/straight screens
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Available in clear or white in lengths of 1000mm or 2000mm
  • Includes glue for fixing to screen
Additional Info


UniverSEAL is a multi fit multi purpose shower seal designed as replacement if you cant find a seal to fit your door. The seal simply fixes to the glass using the glue which is included

UniverSEAL has a soft fin on the bottom which creates a seal when pressed against a flat surface It is 27mm long and can easily be cut back to suit with a piar of scissors.

UniverSEAL is best used on bath screens with straight glass. You can use it on curved glass but it can be more tricky to fit.

UniverSEAL is available in clear or white in 2 lengths, 1000mm and 2000mm. These can easily be cut to the exact length required with a junior hacksaw.
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